Western Accountancy Program

Higher-Level Certification in Western Accountancy
Advanced-Level Management Accounting & Finance
BJ Professional Academy has sealed a collaborative learning partnership with Jasa Accountancy Centre, an accountancy training establishment founded in 1977 under the leadership of Mr. M. L. Chong, FCA (England & Wales) to create strong collaborative knowledge-learning platform in Western Accountancy Program to help students to pursue their lifelong professional development, training, and skills to reach their targeted goals, objectives, and vision in understanding western accounting knowledge. This special program is designed for those who have relevant degree in accounting, finance, or business from China universities. Current degree students from China universities can also take this Western Accountancy Program so that they may have better chance to join foreign enterprises upon graduation. Audio mode learning is specially designed for Chinese speaking students for them to complete the Higher-Level Certification in Western Accountancy and Advanced-Level Management Accounting & Finance.

Higher-Level Certification in Western Accountancy

Higher-Level Certification comprises six (6) modules divided into Part A as Foundation Level and Part B as Fundamentals Level as follows:

Part A: Foundation Level

Module 1: Practical Business English
Module 2: Practical Full Set of Accounts
Module 3: Limited Company Accounts

Part B: Management Accounting

Module 4: Advanced Accounting
Module 5: Consolidated Accounts
Module 6: International Accounting Standards

Advanced-Level Management Accounting & Finance

Advanced-Level Program comprises six (6) modules divided into Part C as Management Accounting Level and Part D as Business Finance Level as follows:

Part C: Management Accounting Level

Module 7: Costing
Module 8: Management Accounting
Module 9: Taxation

Part D: Business Finance Level

Module 10: Auditing
Module 11: Business Management
Module 12: Business Finance

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This program is also offered in English Language.

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