Learning Methodology

Flexible Online Directed Learning Process

All the courses in our Professional Development Programs are taught based on flexible online distance learning (ODL) setting with the e-learning materials supported with virtual video lecturing mode or audio learning mode.

Course Overview Stage

Introduction (Online) LEARNING

Learning Process Stage

E-learning Contents (Online) LEARNING.


e-learning materials supported with virtual video or audio lecturing mode.

Assessment Stage

Completion Assessment (Online) ASSESSMENT. Self-Assessment is incorporated into the ODL setting.

Extra online assessment may be imposed by the Academy.

A learning strategy which allows students to take charge of their own learning process or “Learning in which decision around what to learn, how to learn it, and how to decide if one has learned something well enough are all in the hands of learners” through our flexible ODL supported with virtual video or audio learning.

A learning journey that is going to be an interesting and rewarding experience that will evolve around students’ self-dedication in pursuing their online learning. This will involve a lot of hard work but with their personal motivation in pursuing what they want for their professional career, students will steadily and surely gain the skills and training they need to open doors in their profession.

Our students’ learning journey is one major direction in life and our Academy is here to provide students with that learning direction to enhance their Professional Development Knowledge.

Flexible Online Learning Journey

The Academy have created an online distance learning (ODL) methodology that are taught in a directed learning contents supported with virtual video OR audio lecturing mode .

The directed learning contents and supported virtual video/audio lecturing will facilitate a “mindset” that we will always be here while students are preparing for their learning, and the flexible directed learning contents will provide a continuous ready reference to help pick the students up and get them back on track if they ever struggle along the way at any time during the duration of their learning.

Should the students for whatever reasons need to extend their learning duration*, they do not need to make any additional payment for the program fees for the said learning extension other than payment for the minimum Resource Fee charge every year until the completion of the program.

* Maximum learning duration for a program is Five (5) years unless otherwise approve by the University.

Extension of Learning Duration

Learning Flexibility.

No additional Program Fee

Fee is Fixed upon Registration with Payment.

Resource Fee Payable per Year

Only Resource Fee is payable per year until completion of the program.

Online Learning Mode

The learning journey in our professional development programs are through online distance learning (ODL) methodology and the learning mode adopted by students depend on the students own planning and time commitment.

Students may take their time-off during office hours, Monday to Saturday, over a period of several weeks or months to pursue their ODL on a full-time commitment basis.

This option may not be best suited for professionals and executives as they may need to focus on their professional engagement or job commitment.

Students generally focus their learning mode through part-time commitment basis. We strongly accommodate all possible ways to provide easy access to learning platform for those working adults by structuring courses on ODL self-directed learning methodology.

Revision Learning

Revision help you refresh your knowledge.

Students may be provided with additional e-learning contents from other lecturers upon completing the main recommended e-learning contents as a form of revision to refresh the learning knowledge.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of additional e-learning contents by going through as a self-directed learning/video lecturing BEFORE attempting to LOG-IN for the final online assessment link.


Certain programs may come with conventional face-to-face workshop, seminar, or practical participation as an OPTION for students. Students may or may not OPT-IN for this conventional face-to-face workshop, seminar, or practical participation to enhance their ability to understand the virtual learning mode. Separate workshop or seminar fees may be charged by facilitators, trainers, and/or lecturers for this conventional learning mode.

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